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We are the only Patented Indoor Trampoline Arena in the world, holding US Patent No. 8,657,696 and US Patent No. 8,764,575.

While others may claim to have patents on an indoor trampoline arena, we invite you to read their patents thoroughly.


The Jumper


As you know with most trampolines falling off is the number one concern. With our design we have addressed that concern by building angled rebounding trampoline side walls that surrounds the entire trampoline floor.  Our design incorporates a unique way to navigate around building centerfolds. We do this with a design called the pyramid. This allows the jumper to jump from the outside wall to the pyramid and back again, giving the participant a great jumping experience.


Our trampolines start with a basic size of 7400 sq ft (approximately 60x100ft). Building requirements needs to be 70 to 75 ft wide and 120 ft long. The ceiling height needs to be 20 plus ft.


We are the first and only indoor trampoline arena to hold a provisional patent on an arena design. The unique exoskeleton makes this possible. Other companies in our industry make this claim but only ITA has a true exoskeleton. ITA's design does not use logging chains to tie together individual trampolines, ITA does not use cable tie downs to stand it upright, nor do we use the building that it is assembled in for support. An exoskeleton by definition means that it supports the entire structure in which it is designed. The trampoline arena is a self standing, self-supported structure that need only be secured to the floor.


Assembly of an ITA jumper, 7400 sq ft, is approximately 14 days from start to finish. That includes exoskeleton springs, trampoline mats, padding, and covers with exit and entry ramps. At the end of the lease commitment for your building you can remove and relocate in less than a month.

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