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Fully Patented

We are the only Patented Indoor Trampoline Arena in the world, holding US Patent No. 8,657,696 and US Patent No. 8,764,575.

While others may claim to have patents on an indoor trampoline arena, we invite you to read their patents thoroughly.


Safety & Padding


Our unique padding is enclosed in a cover that keeps it from protected from the elements. The tie down system for these covers are unique and not used by any competitor in our business. The design gives the owner the unique ability to remove, clean and replace the padding easily and quickly.


As in all designs made when kids are involved we needed a durable material that would last with kids playing for an extended amount of time. Steel construction seemed to be the only logical decision to make.  As you well know anything designed unbreakable a kid will find some way to make it happen. With this design we have eliminated this threat. With this design there is no threat of a child falling through the trampoline floors or walls. So, a netting system underneath the trampoline is unnecessary. In the 2 years that this design has been in production over 100,000 kids have jumped with not one single person going through the walls or floor.


We have a variety of colors in trampoline beds and padding. Corporate sponsored logos such as Pepsi, Redbull, Gatorade, Monster, Aquafina etc. can be custom ordered and embedded into the trampoline bed material. The graphics are integrated with the material at the time of manufacture (the logos do not wear off).


We require safety netting from the bottom of the ceiling to the top of the jumper. Safety netting is also required from the top of the jumper to the floor where accessible to the public.


Service is for one year on any parts and labor if installed by Indoor Trampoline Arena Inc. A buyer will receive a service manual that requires 30 day inspections on joints, bolt patterns springs trampoline beds, floor connections, padding, tie downs, safety netting  and overall well maintenance of the jumper. All of these aspects are put into a service manual so that you may keep track of the scheduled checks for insurance purposes.

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